Saturday, April 14, 2012

Feeding the dogs

Buddy and Ellie, my 2 dogs,  had to go to the vet on Friday and they both needed all their shots and dental cleanings.  Also, Buddy had a growth on his neck that the vet removed during his dental cleaning since he was already going to be under anesthesia.  Can you imagine what the vet bill turned out to be?  Yikes is all I can say!  This was the first time I have ever had Buddy and Ellie get their teeth cleaned too.  I better start brushing their teeth a few times a week, they have dog toothbrushes and a chicken flavor toothpaste!  The vet recommended me feeding soft foods for a few days to Buddy and Ellie since their teeth might be a bit sensitive. Of course I make them rice, and I add a little hot water to their dry food to soften it up.  Also I gave them their favorite canned tripe.  The vet prescribed them both antibiotics and Buddy also got pain medicine.  My dogs will not eat a pill on its own but if I hide their pills in the canned tripe, they have no clue!  I make mini "meatballs" with the canned tripe and put a pill inside.  They just eat it up! 

In case you can't tell, Buddy got blue pill bottles and Ellie got a pink one.  They also love their food!
Poor Buddy got several stitches on his neck and I have to make sure he doesn't scratch them, otherwise he will have to wear the "cone of shame" :(

Here is what I fed myself for dinner - a meatball sandwich, using leftovers from the previous night. The bread is a french baguette from Saint Michel Bakery, which is located around the corner from my vet's office.  It's a hidden gem in Rockville, and is a french bakery.  I love their chocolate and chocolate almond croissants too!