Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cran-Raspberry Fizz

I made this Cran-Raspberry Fizz drink for my sister-in-law's baby shower this weekend.  It was a hit!  I first got this recipe from The Pampered Chef (click herefor original recipe) after I had hosted a Pampered Chef party last month.  I actually doubled the original recipe to serve at the baby shower.  I love the flavors of this drink, the hint of lime with the cranberry and raspberry and also the ginger ale gives the wonderful fizz.  This drink was perfect for the baby shower and is great for any party.  If you need a non-alcoholic drink for your  next party, try this Cran-Raspberry Fizz!  Thank you to my cousin, Cathy from Petite Therapy for being the photographer and decorating!  The baby shower theme was "It's a Girl" combined with the Year of the Dragon, which is considered very lucky in our Chinese culture.  A little dragon will be on her way soon and I can't wait to meet my niece!  I'll probably be writing more about the baby shower this week so keep posted.

Cran-Raspberry Fizz

8 limes
2 cans (12 ounces each) frozen cranberry juice concentrate, softened
6 cups cold water
2 pints raspberry sorbet, softened
4 liters (16 cups) chilled ginger ale


Slice 4 limes using a mandoline if available (or you can cut limes into thin slices). Set aside.

Pour ginger ale into a drink dispenser.  Juice remaining 4 limes into drink dispenser.

Pour cranberry juice concentrate and water into drink dispenser.

Scoop sorbet into drink dispenser.  Add in lime slices.

Serves 30 to 35.