Thursday, August 2, 2012

Eating in Phoenix

I stayed in downtown Phoenix for a week and tried some new restaurants.  There are so many great restaurants downtown and all within walking distance of our hotel at the Renaissance Marriott downtown.  (Sorry the pictures were from my phone and didn't turn out that great.)  Here are a few of the restaurants that I visited:

This place was so good.  We wanted to celebrate my coworker’s birthday while we were all traveling for work.  You need to get the house soft pretzels and provolone fondue appetizer!  It really is a must and was recommended by some other coworkers who had it there.   You get these soft pretzel rolls and you dip it in this little fondue pot, I wish I could have some right now!  For dinner, I ordered the crab stuffed chicken and I enjoyed the flavors of lemon and capers.  Some of my coworkers had the Thursday special which was a meatloaf dish and they would not recommend it and said it lacked flavor.  We got the warm peanut butter cup with chocolate gelato as a birthday dessert for my coworker.  She was nice and shared with us and it was to die for.

Pretzel Fondue - the little cast iron fondue pot was so cute!

We had no idea what the tilted kilt was but my boss picked it and she was surprised!  Its definitely tilted.  I would describe this place as an Irish Hooters!  It is typical irish pub foods.  I got the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger based on a coworker’s recommendation and it was one of the best burgers I have had.  I also could only eat half of it since it was ginormous.  (It’s 10 ounces of beef, yikes!) I even boxed it up to see if maybe I’d be hungry when I got back to my hotel room but I ended up having to throw it out the next morning because I was still stuffed.   I would definitely get that burger if I ever go to another Tilted Kilt restaurant.  I had no idea it was a chain, since I haven’t seen one in the DC metro area.

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger - see how ginormous it is!

I went here for lunch twice since it was nearby where I was working during the day.  Their sandwiches are really good and are served warm and toasted.  I got the Italian which has provolone, spicy capicola, mortadella, hard salami and pepperoni.   I liked that they had fresh baked wheat French rolls.  They asked if I wanted a milkshake when I made my sandwich order, I declined but they looked really good and I love milkshakes!  I was trying to be healthy while on travel J

Crazy Jim’s -

This was the first place I went to for lunch once.  It has Greek and American diner type foods.  I got the gyro pita and it was really filling.  The pita bread was warm and soft and the strips of gyro were good.  Overall a decent lunch but it took longer since their lunch hour gets really busy.  You also had to pay when you leave by walking up to the cashier instead of paying the waiter/waitress.

Steve’s Greenhouse Grill -

We went here for dinner our first night in Phoenix since it was really close to the hotel.  I just got the Santa Fe Chicken Salad and it was decent.  I wasn’t that hungry and wanted something lighter.  They actually have a large menu so it was hard to decide at first.  I think I would have gotten a burger if I was feeling more hungry at the time.  Overall this place wasn’t memorable as the other restaurants.  I think I must have written them in order of how much I liked each restaurant!