Sunday, July 15, 2012

Indoor Garden

This is not a recipe posting but I wanted to share my indoor garden.  Since I live in an apartment in DC, I have no outdoor space.  I wish I had a little balcony or something but a sunny windowsill works for now.  I only have 3 plants and only 2 are edible.  As you can see below, Ellie loves to look out the window since its right next to the couch.  She likes to people/dog watch and sometimes she might catch a deer crossing the street!  Yes, that is right, deer in DC!  We saw 3 deers coming out of the woods across the street and running down the sidewalk.  Ellie only went a little crazy after that :)

My first plant was a gift from my friend Heather back in February and its still alive!  It is a peace lily and they require relatively little upkeep.  I water it every few days.   I did replant it in a larger pot since I received it.

My second plant is a basil plant that I bought at the local farmers’ market in May.   It is now July and still alive!  I snip off the tops to keep it from getting too tall.  I do need to water this plant daily since it is so sunny during the day.  I just take some basil leaves whenever I need it and lately I have been making plenty of caprese salads.   I love the smell of the basil plant too.

My third plant is from re-growing green onions.  I have seen it on several blogs and I also saw it on theKitchn’s Re-Growing Green Onions:  Grow Your Scallions on your Windowsill.  I am so happy I tried this because it works!  All you have to do is put the green onion roots in a glass of water.  I put it in front of a windowsill and they re-grew quickly.  I only need a little bit of green onion at a time usually  and so far they have been growing for about 3 weeks now.

I wanted to test another theory and replanted a couple green onion roots in a smaller planter with soil.  Its crazy to me but its been re-growing too!   

Here are the green onions growing after a few weeks.  See how tall they are getting!

Also, I use an organic soil mix for my potted indoor plants.  The colorful planters are from Target.  I am hoping to try to grow a few more herbs indoors soon, maybe some mint, parsley, oregano, or chives.  Happy Summer!